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Discipline Management Training Session

The discipline management workshop focuses on disciplinary issues in the workplace and will empower IR practitioners to effectively apply progressive discipline. The sessions focus on issues like the formulation of misconduct charges, conducting disciplinary hearings and the issuing of the appropriate sanctions.

Strike Management Training Session

Current labour relations climate and the influence of non-party unions and non-unionized groups contain major risks for individual companies, regardless of size. Many companies were negatively affected by unprotected strike actions. This course will assist companies in dealing with unlawful demands and subsequent unlawful strike action.

NBCRFLI Main Agreement Training Session

This course will enable employers to deal with the practicalities of implementing the National Bargaining Council Road Freight and Logistics Industry (NBCRFLI) Main Agreement in the workplace and will serve as a guideline for implementation.

FBC Collective Agreement Training Session

This workshop will guide members through the intricacies of the Collective Agreement. It explains contents and explains cost implications and how to avoid unnecessary compliance orders by the Furniture Bargaining Council.

Training Session On The Protection Of Personal Information Act (POPI)

The session sheds light on the POPI Act and the rights and obligations of the Employer to take reasonably steps to ensure that the personal information of employees are complete, accurate, not misleading and updated where necessary, taking into account the purposes for which it was collected and provided to third parties.

Organisational Rights

The Labour Relations Amendment Act 14 of 2014 enters into a new era in industrial relations. Section 21(8A) brought hope to small unions and uncertainties to larger unions. This resulted in an increase in notices to exercise organizational rights and requests for Closed Shop and Agency Shop agreements. It is important for employers and unions to enter into a recognition agreement once the union has reached a stage where it is strong enough to engage the employer in power play.

Case Preparation: Evidence Collection And Charge Formulation

Focus on gathering different kinds of evidence/charge sheet/notices/charge formulation and practical exercises re charge formulation.

Dismissals Due To Operational Requirements

Sec 189 Retrenchment process - provide guidelines.

Incapacity: Poor Work Performance, Poor Health And Incompatibility

Poor work performance procedure, consultations/ poor health procedure.

Basic Conditions of Employment Act

This Act regulates labour practices and sets out the rights and duties of employees and employers. The aim of the Act is to ensure social justice by establishing the basic standards for employment with regard to working hours, leave, payment, dismissal and dispute resolution. This training will guide you through the complexities of the Act in an understandable way.

Discrimination and Sexual harassment in the workplace

In terms of the Employment Equity Act, employers can accrue liability if one employee sexually harasses another, without the employer taking the necessary steps. Other aspects of unfair discrimination such as arbitrary grounds, equal pay for work of equal value, and an in depth look at sexual harassment forms part of this day long workshop.
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